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1017 North Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Phone: 678-732-0900

At Farm Burger, we serve 100 percent grassfed and grass-finished beef burgers to nourish our neighbors. Our whole carcass blend utilizes all major muscles and cuts available, including chuck, sirloin, round, short loin, rib, plate, flank, shank, neck, brisket and trim. Parts such as offal, face and tail meats are not included in our grind, but we are able to utilize some of these parts in other ways. For example, we use marrow bones to create roasted bone marrow—which is a featured topping on our regular menu. We also render the fat to create the tallow butter that all of our burgers are cooked in. Our goal is to utilize everything we can.

Our burgers are made without GMOs, hormones, and antibiotics. For added flavor and freshness, we source ingredients from local, organic farms so that we can ensure that what you eat not only tastes great, but also actively supports our community. We value what goes in our food just as much as we value the people we serve. We are honored to work with farms like White Oak Pastures, Decimal Place Farm, Hickory Nut Gap, and Love is Love to create deliciously fresh burgers in Virginia-Highland.

Across from Murphy’s, our restaurant is located at the intersection of Virginia Avenue NE and North Highland Avenue NE. We look forward to serving you our seasonal and chef driven menu! Try our fan favorite No. 1 Farmburger, No. 2 Housemade Vegan, or Beyond burgers for something different, and add a side of our daily hand-cut fries or onion rings for the perfect meal. Finish it off with a hand-spun milkshake made with soft serve ice cream or a local craft beer from breweries like Three Taverns or Creature Comforts.

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