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Why Grassfed?

At farm burger, the beef used to produce your burger is always grassfed.

We are proud to partner with some of the best ranchers around to bring your burger to bun. We also use a custom grind utilizing the whole animal (not just the trim left over after the premium cuts are removed) to help ensure you get the tastiest burger a grassfed cow can offer.

Our chefs cook the burgers to the temperature you choose and serve them with an amazing variety of fresh, seasonal produce toppings grown by local farmers & friends. For most folks, these are good enough reasons to choose Farm Burger. However, we’re proud to say that there are many more reasons.

The farm burger cows eat a better diet and receive better treatment

Cows evolved to eat grass, not grains like corn and soy. When cows eat grain they get much fatter and produce a lot more methane (yes, we’re talking about cow farts). Farm Burger cows spend their entire lives roaming pastures eating grass and gaining weight naturally. Conventionally raised cows spend much of their lives in very tight quarters (called confinement lots) and are often fed antibiotics to keep them from getting sick. Farm Burger cows are raised without hormones, antibiotics, or GMO crops. In fact, our farms are certified by the American Grassfed Association and are Animal Welfare Approved.

Why Small-Scale Farming?

Farm Burger does everything possible to partner, support and nurture small-scale producers. this commitment allows both our producers product and our purchase dollars to stay within the regional food system and rural economy. These efforts allow us to not only offer fresher food, but also promote long-term viability for the farms leading the way in creating a more just and sustainable food system.

Other benefits to supporting small-scale farms:

  • More emphasis is put into animal welfare and respecting the natural development of their herd and pastures.
  • Rotational grazing is practiced to promote pasture development, carbon sequestration and land recovery.
  • Manure is reused as natural fertilizer contributing to the development of robust pasture system .
  • Less fossil fuels are used due to reducing the distance our food travels to consumers.
  • The local economy becomes stronger because food dollars remain in the community.
  • Soil integrity is protected due to regenerative practices and diversified cropping systems.

At Farm Burger, we ensure that our producers handle their livestock with dignity and care. Animal welfare and humane handling is a must.

Our meat processors butcher our animals humanely. They cut our meat like the artisan butcher of the local deli in your parents' hometown fifty years ago. We have a very unique relationship with them in that we truly collaborate to bring out the best end product. After all the care that has been taken in the field during the course of the animal's life, the butcher is the final and most important step in securing the beauty and flavor of pasture-raised meat.