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As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve rapidly, we want to assure you that the safety and health of our guests and team members remain our top priority. When you are offering Farm Burger Catering to your coworkers, friends and family, we know that you are trusting us to be vigilant with our food and service safety practices. We are proud to offer delivery and pickup of meals that are safe for at risk people and front line workers.

We have been closely monitoring and working hard preparing for all the possible scenarios and ensuring we have the right plans and resources in place to keep our guest’s needs top of mind. We are happy to discuss options with you and make accommodations as needed to ensure a safe and healthy catering event.


-Our restaurants have been meeting food and safety laws for a decade with strict adherence to ensure we prepare food in a clean and safe way.

-Clean and sanitize thoroughly throughout the entire restaurant.

-Reinforce heightened protocol on all of our sanitation efforts.

-Educate our staff members on prevention, as provided by the CDC and industry experts.

-Maintain strict handwashing guidelines before during and after every shift.

Ensure our staff members adhere to our sick leave policies, requiring staff to stay home at the first sign of any illness.


-We have modified our catering menu to provide boxed meals and offerings with individual packaging.

-We have switched to single use wrapped utensils with all catering orders.

-Hand sanitizing solution is available to all of our in-house delivery drivers for use in between deliveries.

-Disposable masks and gloves are provided for all of our team members.

-Team member temperatures are taken at the start of every shift.

-We are following the advice from the CDC and food industry experts and have heightened our standard operating procedures on sanitation and education.

As always, we appreciate your trust and the opportunity to be part of your special occasions and everyday meals.

Peace, Love + Ketchup,

Farm Burger

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Check out our catering menu for a full range of options!

Catering Menu

Levels of Catering

1. Drop Off & Set Up

We’ll deliver and set-up your catering so it’s ready for you to enjoy. Our delivery driver unpacks and arranges your Burger Bar, complete with brown craft paper labels so it’s easy for your guests to create the perfect burger and sides combination. Compostable/recyclable serving containers, cutlery, plates and napkins are included. Choose this option for an easy office lunch or casual party.

2. Servers Onsite

Love our food, and want some help with your party too? This option is for you. This package not only includes your favorite Farm Burger food, but also our friendly staff. All of our servers come directly from the Farm Burger family, meaning they care about quality food and service as much as you do. Your catering team will set up your event and help guests navigate a Burger Bar. We can handle portion control, keep the lines moving along and keep the space neat and tidy all party long. We bus tables, pack up leftovers, take out the trash and everything in between so you can kick back and enjoy the party. While we can’t provide alcohol, we can provide bartenders and we do a mean Root Beer Float bar.

3. Cook Onsite

Let us bring the kitchen to you. With this package, we provide a full staff of servers and chefs, grills, fresh ingredients and just about anything else you might need for a mouth-watering menu. We can cook in an onsite kitchen, bring our own portable grills and warming ovens, or a combination of the two. This is the best option for weddings, large corporate events or that special event to impress your friends with super fresh food, a cookout atmosphere and impeccable staff taking care of all your needs. Because our expert chefs are onsite, you get to select from an expanded menu to wow even the most discerning of your guests.


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